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The most important term of the century: Engagement!

Here in Brazil, engagement means adherence to a cause, to a proposal, to the values ​​of a company. Engagement turns passive followers into active consumers. Engagement is an important parameter in the evaluation process (Valuation) of a startup, as well as a watershed between companies that will continue and those that will sink. #engagement #digitaltransformation #startup

  1. Retention: Your engaged customers will continue doing business with you. How often do you change your primary email provider? Not really ever, right? That’s because they’ve got the features you want and you constantly find value from it. Even with Facebook, despite the fact users complain about features changing, they’re hooked and they’re not going anywhere.
  2. Effort: Even though people are constantly on the hunt for the lowest price out there, engaged customers will go out of their way to do business with you because of the value you provide and they are willing to look beyond the ticket price. This applies the same way your customer may vouch for you during discussions of switching to another vendor, or choose to buy from you even though they can get the same thing elsewhere.
  3. Advocacy/Referrals: If they like what you do, they’ll talk about it. They’ll recommend your service. Nothing is more powerful nor authentic than a peer referral or word-of-mouth marketing. Engaged customers already love what you do and they’ll provide the free advertising to make sure it’s known.
  4. Passion: You’ve won them over with your shared values, excellent engagement or a top-notch product. You are no longer just another company to them but someone they have a relationship with. The best customer engagement experience feels personalized for each of your customers but not in a one-size-fits-all fashion.

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