Renewable Energies and the X of the Question Renato Purchio


Renewable Energies and the X of the Question. Not considering Hydro, which corresponds to 16% and growing, renewable energy sources such as Wind and Solar have been representing 2% of the world grid for over 20 years. Much touted as ecologically perfect, yet romantic solutions for the calculating cold, the unanswered question is what is the cost of redundancy & contingency when neither sun nor wind is 100% available.#solar #energy #windenergy #energyconservation.

In Brazil, the capacity to generate renewable energy corresponds to 84%, higher than the world average of 38%. Due to massive investments, the share of solar energy in the Brazilian energy matrix reached 6.9% and wind energy, 10.9%.

In 2021, Brazil registered a historical record in free-market power plants expansion, with more than 3 GW installed. And 75% of the plants implemented were wind and photovoltaic. Brazilian people are aware of the importance of energy efficiency and the generation of clean and renewable energy in the face of growing global demand.


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